I’ve been busy with my job as a cataloger at a local library since April.

I HAD to update because I hae two “shows” coming up. Can I call them shows? Can I pretend I’m an artist?

I have a table again at the Richmond Zine Fest, where I will be selling the third issue of my zine, Sale Into the 90s.

On October 24, I will be at a yard sale at the Surry Rec Center in Surry, VA, selling my wares and my junk I no longer want.

Snow Days


I live in an area that rarely gets snow, so everything grinds to a halt when we get 5 inches of snow. Things really get backed up when it snows 5 inches and its too cold for the snow to melt, and then it snows again the next week. It melts, but then it gets icy again (like this afternoon).

I’ve been trapped in my office/bedroom for about three weeks now? This week I was able to climb over the sidewalks that were still covered in snow and over at the old Coliseum Mall to go to an eye appointment. That was a big deal.

The job postings have slowed down these past few weeks due to people not making it to work to post the job listings. So what have I done?

Made a snow Bartman:



Began a hobby in needlework so I can sell more items in my Etsy shop in the future:

Neon derpy hank hill

Derpy neon Hank Hill (not for sale, making another one that will be for sale soon).

Tom Brokaw needlepoint

Tom Brokaw (still in progress, not for sale)

Northwest Airlines Needlework
Northwest Airlines (for sale)

Catching up on my YouTube “watch later” list:

Before the snow, I had about 460 videos in my watch later. I have 353 left. They’re mostly just sets of old commercials, and old news reports about things I might write about it in my “history” blog in the future. One entry that came out of the massive watch later purge was PSA Flight 1771.

In shock about Sweet Briar College closing in August:

Sweet Briar (2015 college closure webpage archive)

Sweet Briar announcing their closure hit way too close to home for me, since I’m an alumni of a womens college (Mary Baldwin, 2010). I spent yesterday being sad and looking at some of their yearbooks on archive.org.

Watched hours of Siskel & Ebert:

Did you know they had a dog on their show that would present “the dog of the week” aka the worst movie of the week? This was back when they were on PBS.

To do list for my blogs

  • The sidebar of my retail history blog has become way too long, and I’m sure a good percentage of the links to other mall fan sites or photo albums have long since expired.
  • I’ve been really slacking lately with content for the blog, so I went to the library today to print some microfilms of the old Newmarket Fair Mall in Hampton.
    • I also need to do more original content. C&P’ing articles from 20+ years ago does not make one a writer.
      • I’m good at making fun of old commercials, maybe I could do more of that on my retail blog.
  • This blog, the one you’re looking at right now, desperately needs more padding to make it look more professional.
    • More stories about me, I mean my name is in the title.
      • Not things like book reviews however. I only really pick up a book these days for research purposes, I look up what I need, and then I put it back on my shelf…or stacked on a pile in my room/office. We might be moving soon.
    • It drives me batty that WordPress.com doesn’t allow things like the etsy mini store on the sidebar, right now I can only have a tiny link to my etsy shop, that’s easily missed. Maybe I need to make a graphic to put on the sidebar.
  • My “1980s/1990s ‘history’ Tumblr” is doing fine. In the words of (inner child) Ned Flanders:

Stay on the course big Ned, you’re doin’ super!

  • Except for one nagging thing. Lately, Tumblr has been taking the HTML out of the description area, so now I have no hyper links under the title of my blog. I used to have a link to the 1980s and 1990s categories, a link to the Zines, and this portfolio blog. That’s all gone now.

Ok, since I made this list I feel better. Lately, I’ve felt like my “online presence” is making me look like a teenager instead of a grown woman who is trying to earn a career. I just love to show off my research skills for anybody who is willing to read.

Etsy sale & updates

(related) Etsy sale

**Use Coupon Code “jaysherman” (no quotes) for 5% off your $8 or greater order** Ends 2015-03-01. 

My folks and I might be moving soon, and I’m trying to widdle down my etsy supplies. I’m also saving up to go to my 5 year college reunion in April.

Updates to my two blogs:

Sale Into the 90s — my “history” Tumblr of insignificant events of the 1980s and 1990s:

170. Grey Poupon


167. Newt’s snub (1995)


164. Paul Reiser in “The Tower” (August 16, 1993)

160. January 1995’s predictions for the hot toys of December 1995 (Newsweek, January 23, 1995)

That Mall is Sick and That Store is Dead! – my blog about retail in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area (mostly)

Richmond Zine Fest

Richmond Zine Fest

So last weekend, I had a table at the Richmond Zine Fest, and it was great. The young people who came by my table absolutely loved my stuff, my handmade notebooks were a big seller, and so were my dinosaur pins, almost all of those sold:

Dino Pins


Sale Into the 90s 2 -- A history Zine about insignificant events of the 1980s and 1990s

My zines (1, 2) sold well, but I still have plenty left.  Tomorrow, I’m sending two copies to the Zine Collection at the Brooklyn College Library.

Anita's Daily Show Page - a zine about the five years I had a fan site about the daily show

I also created a new zine for the fest, “Anita’s Daily Show Page: a zine about the five years I had a fansite about The Daily Show“. It’s part history of The Daily Show from 1996-2004, and part scrapbook about the days I’d toil over my silly fan site.




Ed Helms endorsed my site in “Giant” (2004)

Giant Magazine (October/November, 2004).

Nearly 10 years ago, when I was young and had a lot of time on my hands, I made a fan site about former Daily Show correspondent, Ed Helms. Ed mentioned it as one of his favorite websites in the debut issue of Giant, a long defunct men’s magazine that mostly focused on video games, if memory serves me correct.

Those are my screen captures at the bottom.

Aw, Ed thanks. I’ve never forgotten it.


Sale Into the 90s 2 — A history Zine about insignificant events of the 1980s and 1990s

Sale Into the 90s 2 -- A history Zine about insignificant events of the 1980s and 1990s

Sale Into the 90s 2 -- A history Zine about insignificant events of the 1980s and 1990s

Sale into the 90s zine 2

Next month, I will have a table at the Richmond Zine Fest, (list of other contributors) and I decided that it was time to create a new ‘zine. So here is Sale Into the 90s II. 12 pages (6 folded) printed on good ol printer paper, in black and white, because I have a lot of black cartridges around.

I don’t want to give much away, but there is Simpsons, Salsa, Copycats, and art. Available on my Etsy right now. Issue number one is still available too.

The 8th Annual Richmond Zine Fest!


I will be selling my zine here in October!



We’ve got a beautiful poster design courtesy of co-organizer Mara Hyman, and we’re officially open for table registration for the day of Saturday, October 4th, 11 AM-5 PM.

We will keep you posted as more details about the fest become clearer. We can confirm that we will be at the GCCR again under the disco ball. Workshop registration will be open within the next week. As always, thanks for supporting Richmond Zine Fest and we’re looking forward to seeing some familiar and new faces this Fall!


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